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Congratulations, Dad!

Congratulations on being a dad! We haven’t forgotten about you. You are an important part of the Team!

You should think of pregnancy (and parenting) as a team sport. Pregnancy is the sport (that lasts for 9 months), and your birth partner is your teammate. As part of a team, caring for your birth partner is the most important thing you can do before your baby is born.

Caring for her can come in many different forms, from pampering her to knowing what foods are best for her to eat. Learn as much as you can about pregnancy and childbirth. Go to the doctor with her and listen to what he or she says. And don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Also keep in mind that your partner is going through a lot of changes, physically and mentally. Moodiness and tiredness are common symptoms, so don’t be thrown off if she is happy one minute and crying the next.

And most importantly, have fun. This will be the ride of your lifetime. You should feel proud to be a future parent!

Becoming a New Dad.
Tips to help you bond with your new baby:

  • Hold your baby often. Babies need and want to be cuddled, touched, and talked to. They won’t break!

  • Be patient. The more you take care of your baby, the better you’ll be.

  • Learn how to take care of your baby. Be there when the baby cries. Change your baby’s diapers and help feed your baby.

  • Take care of yourself. Make sure you get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. Accept help from friends and relatives when needed.

  • Keep your baby healthy. Make sure your baby gets regular health checkups. Also protect your baby from injuries by keeping your home safe and always putting your baby in a car seat when you go somewhere in the car.

  • Share the parenting with your partner. Make decisions together and take turns caring for your baby.

  • Make time for your baby. Talk to and play with your baby often. Your baby can recognize your voice from an early age.

  • Becoming a dad takes time. So remember, be patient and don’t worry. You’re going to be a great dad!