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My 2nd Trimester

Weeks 14 through 27 | Includes months 4 through 6

Body change by month - 2nd Trimester

Your body’s changes during month 4

  • You will probably start gaining around 1 pound per week.
    You may even be starting to show in your belly.

  • Your morning sickness or nausea will likely end, but you will feel hungrier.

  • You will feel less tired. You may even feel a burst of energy!

  • You won’t feel the need to urinate as much.

  • You may see a white discharge from your vagina. Call your doctor if this discharge is excessive and/or colored, smelly, or itchy.

Your body’s changes during month 5

  • You will probably keep gaining about 1 pound per week.

  • Your breasts will grow larger and start to feel softer.

  • You may have backaches.

  • Your feet and ankles will likely swell.

  • You might have hemorrhoids.

  • Your belly and the area around it will start to feel achy because your uterus is stretching.

  • You might have shortness of breath.

Your body’s changes in month 6

  • You continue to gain 1 pound per week.

  • You will probably have heartburn.

  • You will notice a tightening around your belly. This is caused by Braxton-Hicks contractions. They are completely normal as long as it happens less than 4 times per hour. If it happens more often than that, call your doctor immediately.

  • You will likely develop stretch marks.