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My 1st Trimester

Weeks 1 through 13 | Includes months 1 through 3

Your body's changes in the 1st Trimester

Your body’s changes in month 1

  • You will not have a period.

  • Your breasts will be a little bigger and probably sore.

  • You may have some nausea called “morning sickness”.

  • You may have heartburn, gas, and possibly bloating.

  • You will feel very tired.

  • You will likely have mood swings.

Your body’s changes in month 2

  • You will likely gain 1 or 2 pounds.

  • Your breasts will be bigger, sore, and dark around the nipples.

  • You will need to urinate more frequently as your growing uterus presses against your bladder.

  • You will likely feel more nausea.

  • You will feel tired.

Your body’s changes during month 3

  • You will probably gain a few more pounds – around 2 to 4.

  • You may feel hungry a lot.

  • You will likely feel really tired.

  • You may feel more nausea and now constipated.

  • You could possibly feel faint or dizzy.

  • You might get headaches.