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Meet Our Team

Provider Relations Liaisons

Texas Children’s Health Plan maintains a strong commitment to meeting the needs of our providers. Our Provider Relations Liaisons are responsible for the overall management of the Texas Children’s Health Plan Provider Network. Some of their responsibilities include the following:

  • Educate providers on administrative policies and procedures
  • Communicate changes and updates that assist providers in the efficient administration of our plan
  • Advocate on behalf of our providers when working to problem solve and offer solutions for each practice’s individual needs
  • Initiate the onboarding process for new providers
  • Assess the needs of a particular service area
  • Manage changes to the demographic information of participating providers

Please click on See all Team Members for the contact information for our Provider Relations Liaisons to assist with your inquiries.

Team Members

Juanita Alanis

JoAnn Berndt

Johnna Blount

Shelley Chandler

John Freeman

Cindy Hannah

Christy Johnson

Tanya Jones

Rhonda Lopez

Monica Martinez

Maria Perez

Lance Porter

Briana Stukas

Sheria Smith

Erica Thomas Dirden

Celeste Trejo